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INVENT! - Join the After Contemporary Most Venture - the next route plining -
1999 - invents the plining technology.
A technology which covers the entire process of data-engineering: from data-drilling and swifting to the final upgraded Informative Objects - PROducts and NEGaDucts.

TRAIN! - Style the En-gArde at the PITY
PITY : the Institute for Talents Young -
2001 - opens the Pavu Institute for Talents Young to core and transmit the knowledge to the international youth.
Call for our bean reputed TuTors and networked mobile structure to schedule taylored En-gArde training sessions and step into the After Contemporary!
Ask for lectures, lessons and workshops to prepare at home and online the Mercy and join the ranks of the PITY's upgraduates!

WALK! - Patch Data-Heads serverwide
GNou Found Lands and International Solidarity -
2000 - grounds the GNou Found Lands and settles the first free digital territory.
Shield up your Kingdomain ! Patch Data-Head squares ! Become ET Collector and open the gates of the NELia market.
The After Contemporary is your's !


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NexTrouTe - Kassel 2002 :
Technical requirements : MSIE 5 (better), Quicktime 5 plug-in, Shockwave Flash

PAVU.COM'S BIOGRAPHY founded september 19th 1999
Paul Dupouy - Chief Président of
born january 15th 1976, TALENCE, FR
Jean-Philippe Halgand - Executive Directeur of
born january 12th 1966, ROCHEFORT, FR
Clément Thomas - Officer Général of
born february 11th 1961, CHAUMONT, FR