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Welcome to the Shower Shop !

The first store to enable you to shop informative objects on the New Eco Logic informative arts market (NELia) and expand Networked Free Territories (GNou Found Lands) in the same time.

The exchange value : the hosted Data-Head.
Process your transactions with Data-Heads, NELia's standard unit.

view a 10 DgH title

Data Head - 6,960 octets

1 Data-Head (DgH)
Value = 6.960 Kb
(More info about DgH)

Host Data-Heads titles on your server (or your home-page) and Patch the GNou Found Lands to show that International Solidarity is not a dull word!

Join the After Contemporary's most amazing venture !

Informative objects transaction rates

Value : Hosting only one (1) PATCH* on your space server allows you to purchase all the PROducts of the NELia.
*Several different Patches are available - paTch tHem aLL !

Mixes and movies can be downloaded in the Bathroom or from the Academy, on the academicians' pages.

Transaction terms

Once you have been downloaded your Informative Objects (Mixes and/or Movies) , you are ready to download and host your Data-Heads (DgH) on your server space (or your home-page) and then validate your hosting via email.

Register your Patch in the Herald Tribute Armory Room where your Blason will glorify your Kingdomain.

Processing Data-Heads transactions provides the best International Solidarity with GNou Found Lands while creating new reserves. Just try to imagine the roaming of Data-Heads cattles gone amok and charging to defend an endangered server space from Internet predators...

All Informative Objects and Data-Heads are "wormless guaranteed".

Hosting your Data-Heads titles on your website*

1.create a directory named DgH and install it at the root of your site (http://mywebsite.xx/DgH)

2.install your Patch there.

3. GNFL stamp (GNFL.jpg) and picts have to be installed in the "pict" sub-directory.

4.validate your newly created reserve at pavu@pavu.com to receive your certicate.



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