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Dialogue is the main home for the interactive components of the site.
Collaborative projects between schools and between students. First Project: schools in
Wales and NSW communicating
Within Glyn to Gulgong, the first interactive project - Through My Window - is underway at the moment.
We have also created two sets of useful information:
Teacher's information
Notes on online interactive projects
ABC Guidelines
Notes on technical and editorial aspects of working with the ABC
A moderated guestbook which allows users of the site to engage in an online discussion. Topics for discussion are entirely up to the users. It does not require joining any mailing list or using any software other than your web browser. You can also See what others have said .
In future we intend to use this "space" to host forums on subjects of interest to educators in this field. As opportunity arises, we will be experimenting with the interactive potential of the online medium.
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