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ILVE Professional Gas Cooktops

If you like cooking you'll love ILVE's new luxury gas line range of hobs. Six superb new cook tops that give you the choice of all gas or gas with electric, even gas with an electric barbecue centred in between four gas burners.
With ILVE mixed energy hobs you can simmer thermostatically at any temperature that your recipe calls for or go to searing heat instantly and with infinite precision heat settings you'll have perfect cooking control, in fact we've thought of everything to make cooking a pleasure.

You'll enjoy innovative features like super burner, a heavy duty commercial wok burner that gives up to 50% more heat and 3 times the cooking surface of other similar style gas burners. It is up to 50% faster so super burner is ideal for boiling up that quick cup of coffee, huge pot of pasta or soup, and for wok and stir frying it is a must. You'll find super burner on the left front of all ILVE gas hobs.

Model IVG 30
* Cast iron griddle plates suits all gas hobs.

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