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The Year 2001 FRAC Data-Heads budgets have been voted!

From october 02nd 2000 to october 17th 2000, you have voted the 2001 budgets of France's FRACs (i.e Regional Fundings for Contemporary Art) in Data-Heads* by selecting the region of your choice.

Since october 17th 2000, each FRAC is allocated a budget voted either in Data-Heads or Nega Data-Heads** that enables it to invest on the NELia*** market and thus open the gates of the French Public Collections to online Art.

Informative Arts ? Shower : a new degree of what ! - 30 artists of International Renown, more than 130 Informative Objects available right now on the NELia market.
* A Data-Head = 6,96 Kilo-bytes.

**Informative Objects available in Nega Data-Heads allow their acqueror to modulate his GNou Found Land Territory according to his personal needs of server space or to disengage off the GNouFL territorialisation process to get his server space back. Nega Data-Head is the guaranty of a total respect of the GNou ethic.

***NELia market : New Eco Logic informative arts market.

Thanks to your Pro-Choice vote, the Informative Arts are about to enter the Public French Regional Collections of Art