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Campaign One Shoot ?
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dear customer, dear colleague,

Net.Art is not at his beginnings, however, it currently passes through his first really serious crisis. The specialized lists are dubitative as for its future, even alarmists...

The studies made by pavuCS prove - at the time or the Net-artists more than are ever insulated - that the real market is unaware of all the artistic activities on the international network.

pavuCS can help you to promote and prolong your action in the real world, but more especially to integrate a real chain of international solidarity.
By joining together the efforts of best international Net-Art around our Campaigns One Shoot, it is together that we will be able to affirm the presence of an international Libre and Interdependent Net-Art!


Clément Thomas
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the word of the CEO

ceo-pavuCSdear customer,

do you know that the our LA Agency of Communication is able to propose to you a One Shoot promotion campaign of international scale?

Thanks to the most powerful methods network and with only one (1) key word, a Campaign One Shoot pavuCS propels your product in the starting blocks of the most prestigious sports ground of the world: the International Market!

To become customer of pavuCS,
it is also to take part in the campaigns
"Keep Rire - Stop Yellow !".

This new world that offers to you Internet, it is due only to you to make a free world of it!!


Ronald Green ceo of pavuCS

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