paTch tHem aLL !!

GNou Found Landers Herald Tribute Armory Room
register your GNouFL Free Territory Patch

1-/ Download a DgH Patch and host it on your personal server land (website or home-page) 2-/ create your Blazon 3-/ Hang your Blazon in the GNou Found Lands Herald Tribute Armory Room
registration desk
Enlarge and reinforce the GNou Found Lands free territories by hosting a DgH Patch on your server.

Watch-DgH patch

download (174Kb)

Rampe-DgH patch

download (144Kb)

Bull-DgH patch

download (111Kb)

Original-DgH patch

download (88Kb)

Arm your territory !

Create your blazon and hang it in the GNou Found Lands Herald Tribute Armory Room

Register your territory

Once your Patch hosted and your blazon created, give your Land a Name and send Blazon, Name and URL of your site to

Electronic collecting is Territorial collecting !
Patching a DgH Troop allows you to store the NELia PROducts and NEGAducts. Download JODI, NN, Mashica, Mouchette, f. Madre and hundreds of Fine International Net Artists original artworks and become a famous E.T. Collector.

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