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michelangelo pistoletto invites you to participate in
UNIDEE, an open space to realize your ideas...

a 3 month residency/workshop in italy -
infrastructure and support to realize your project//your idea! - a highly creative environment for students and graduates from ANY field... from economics to politics, from science to religion, from education to behavior, from art to entertainment...

UNIDEE offers twenty-five students or graduates a very different experience from regular university or academic programs:

three months [sequence1 from 3.7 - 31.7.2000 and sequence2 from 3.9 - 31.10.2000] of courses and research and development... all these activities are led by university professors, experts and authorities in the cultural and scientific milieu. the participants will be able to experiment, develop and realize their ideas...

the chosen candidates will live at the cittadellarte - pistoletto foundation in biella [italy]. they have the opportunity to participate in seminaries, workshops, conventions, performances, exhibitions and media-oriented activities - as well as sharing a day-to-day life rich in inspiration...

at the end of the course each UNIDEE resident will be given an attestation documenting their attendance... and the projects will be presented in exhibitions, conventions, publications and computerized communication media.

the university of ideas - UNIDEE is a center specialized in the research, production and promotion of creative ideas it is aimed at furthering the interaction between art and humanitarian, scientific and social disciplines. UNIDEE is intended for minds with a creative potential, capable of suggesting innovative effects, also in a community context.

url : fondazione pistoletto

email : mailto:unidee@cittadellarte.it

UNIDEE in residence
cittadellarte - fondazione pistoletto
via serralunga 27
13900 biella - italia

tel : +39-015-28400
fax : +39-015-2522540

this Elliott Tactical (i-Booster) is a service pavu.com

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Dear Colleagues,

Crossing boundaries and borders, sharing ideas and experiences IS possible !

On the occasion of UNIDEE,
pavu.com has decided to offer the future residents
the best communication pad our open-boucle technology can create :

The Elliott i-Booster Povero – Pistoletto special.

I-Booster Povero : what is ?
The I-Booster Povero enables you to send information to people of your choice once customized. For UNIDEE, it'll work as a mailing-list access. You just need to subscribe.

More i-Boosters can be accessed at http://pavu.com in The Swift teleportal.

I-Booster Povero : how to ?
The I-Booster Povero doesn't need any plug-in to work. Yet you may need to customize your mail options in Netscape Navigator or in Internet Explorer in order not to open another mail client.

I-Booster Povero : why ?
Because the i-Booster Povero interface is user-friendly and because using an informative object to communicate is cool and easy. And because it's the best way to keep a good souvenir of your stay.

I-Booster Povero : where ?
Because of the necessity to insert incoming residents emails, the i-Booster Povero will be hosted on pavu.com's website.

In a open space to realize your ideas, you'll always need an i-Booster to upgrade them !

-/ welcome in a plining world ! /-