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Great !
i'm like a king with this super linked direct access !
just let me tell you how easy it is to love you
sfmoma and pavu.

and i feel free to prefere

my moma - | - or - | - my popa

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Childhood ends always with unravelled desires.
That's why pavu.com has launched a new communication pad : the Elliott moma and popa.
For love to be expressed, for separation not to become a borderline
Say what you never dared to say and feel free to choose.
Let MOMA and POPA make your day !

The SFMOMA Webby Prize for Excellence in Online Art will offer $50,000 to an artist or artists for a body of work whose primary focus is to be experienced online and that explores and expands the distinctive capacity of the online medium. Winning artists will have their work exhibited in "e.space" SFMOMA's new online gallery, to be launched in mid-February 2000.

For Additional Information
Please do not contact either SFMOMA or The International Academy of
Digital Arts and Sciences by phone. If you need additional information, please
send your request to The Academy.

Entrants acknowledge that SFMOMA may wish to exercise certain rights to use the winner(s) Web site(s) in connection with purposes reasonably related to the inclusion of the Web site in SFMOMA's collection. Therefore, entrant(s) agree(s) that if awarded the prize, entrant(s) will agree to grant SFMOMA a royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual, nonexclusive license to, on and off-line display and the right to make archival copies as reasonably necessary to maintain the Web site as part of SFMOMA's collection.

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