Kunzite still didn't believe in the human's words. "Do you think I help any charlatan who crosses my way and seems to know me? Before I decide on anything I would suggest you to tell me what your little war is about," he demanded not too friendly. The kitchen door was closed and Rynnhoran returned with a steaming pot. "Instant coffee, one of the greatest inventions of the century. Cheers!" He waved the pot into Kunzite's direction and took a sip.

"Answer me! What's your war about?"

"About? Oh." He sat down. "Just a little revenge here and there, and a portion of grief in that corner ... I'll tell you later."

grid helps not

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it is no use to
gave tango
i used to say that
some at poala's
party even if tim was
not my mother and
cried last night.

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