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Set skins to Graphite

Black Board Soapers welcome you

NEGA-Data-Heads more free for free
NEGA-Mix Scale invest to dismiss
Store all products available on the NELia Market

set to french

More free for free - Swift your personal international server space
while investing on the NELia market!

Black Soap "more free for free"

Half of the Art of War consists in quickly reforming one's army, sparing useless races and thus sparing Data-Head health.

Modern artists gave up the retrenchment camp system for well thought natural positions.

All the Art of War consists in a well reasoned, extremely wary defence and in a swift and innovative offensive.

Protect your Data-Head park and optimize your server space.

Give the Data-Heads an increased mobility while insuring their position in a ductile environment.

Investing in the NeLia Market's NEGAducts will enable you to:

- clear a parcel of your international server space by moving your Data-Heads to a personal private space (either on your Hard Disk or on a CD-Rom).

- acquire infomative NEGAducts up to the Data-Head amount of the troops to move.

- enlarge your Informative Objects collection with NEGAducts.

the function of an avant-garde, or of a rear-guard, is neither to advance nor retreat, but rather to maneuver

100% NATURAL--Great For Skin!

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