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Store NELia's PROducts and NEGAducts to move your troops

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More free for free - Swift your personal international server space
while investing on the NELia market!

You own a Data-Head reserve et wish to recover the use of this part of your server space ?
PROduitsWhen you invested on the NELia* to start your collection of Informative Objects, you have accepted to host Data-Heads on your server space. Thus you created a new 'PATCH' (a parcel) in the International Data-Head Reserve - The GNou Found Lands. When you started your collection on the NELia, you have given network art weight and credibility while showing your commitment.
(*acquiring PROducts on the NELia enables you to install a PATCH on your server space.)

Today you might be in one of the following situations:

- You wish to demobilize your Data-Heads and recover the space occupied by your PATCH on your international server space.
You wish to retrench your troop on a fortified position (Hard Disk -CD-Rom etc).
This is your first visit and you wish to install a Data-Heads troop on a fortified position (Hard Disk -CD-Rom etc) in anticipation of an upcoming PATCH (parcel) installation on your server space.
- You do not want to hear about Data-Heads or NELia anymore but you still wish to invest in network art values.

Today, NELia is enriched with a new kind of Informative Objects.

NELia's NEGAducts : when mobility equals vitality
NELia's vitality is linked to Data-Head's mobility.
Therefore, when investing in NELia's NEGAducts, you can combine troop movements with movements of capital :

NEGAduitsThe acquisition of a NEGAduct enables you to retrench the equivalent of its Data-Head value from your server space. You then can fortify the afore mentioned Data-Heads on the personal private space of your choice (your Hard Disk or any other digital support).

Whatever your choice, you just have to download a NEGA-Mix whose Data-Head value equals that of the troops to move. Thus, for 1 Patch (10 DgH) retrenched from your server space, you can acquire a Black Soap NEGA-Mix of a -10 DgH value.

PROducts and NEGAducts : Collecting
Moving your Data-Heads between their PATCH and their fortified retrenchment enables you, at each move to invest in NELia's PROducts and NEGAducts : which means supporting network art while setting up your own collection*.

* The installation of your collection on your server space is not submitted to any contractual obligation. More information: pavu.com.

You feel like investing on the NELia and supporting network art
NELia (i.e New Eco Logical informative arts) has been created by pavu.com as a market for Informative Objects. Transactions are processed there on the basis of a server space specific reference value : the Data-Head (DgH) which weights 6.96 Kilo-bytes.
When you set up a collection* on the NELia, you give network art weight and credibility.

Data-Heads Patches are available as titles of 10 DgH at the GNou Bank.
Installed on your server space and certified, they create a 'PATCH', one parcel which adds itself to other existing PATCHes. As a whole, they constitute the International Data-Head Reserve or GNou Found Land and thus contribute to the growth of free networked territories.

* The installation of your collection on your server space is not submitted to any contractual obligation.

NEGAducts : NELia investment modalities
You feel like starting an Informative Object collection on the NELia market?

You feel like installing a Data-Head troop on a fortified position (Hard Disk -CD-Rom, etc) in anticipation of an upcoming PATCH (parcel) installation on your server space *?

In each case, you just need to :

- download the NEGA-Mix(es) [NEGAduct(s)] of your choice.

- download and install your Data-Heads on your Hard Disk or on any other digital support.

* Installing your Data-Heads on your server space to create a PATCH will enable you to acquire NELia PROducts. (view NELia stores listing).

Invest - Collect - Support :
How can you show your support to network art?
- By displaying a Data-Head on your Home-page.

- By setting a link to the NELia stores access page.

- By installing your collection on your server space. The quantity and the size of collections on the network are the guarantee of network art's vitality.
Data Head - 6,960 octets 

the function of an avant-garde, or of a rear-guard, is neither to advance nor retreat, but rather to maneuver

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