black soap
Black Soap

Nega Mix board soaping
Set skins to Graphite

Black Soap "Nega-Mix board soaping" This harmless soap turns your hands and face black when used to wash with. The more you wash, the blacker you get. This soap is the size and shape of any hotel soap. Place at the sink or in the shower.

Black Soap "Nega-Mix board soaping" No home should be without this soap. 100% Natural Made of no animal fats, chemicals or substances. Pyramid Black Soap is the Traditional soap used for centuries by African Kings & Queens

Black Soap "Nega-Mix board soaping" The palm kernel oil effect keeps the scalp lubricated preventing scalp irritations and itching common with dry skin.
Black soap has been used through the ages for various spiritual purifications throughout Africa.
Other herbs can be mixed into the soap for specific rites and cosmetic purposes.

100% NATURAL--Great For Skin!

Skin care from the Motherland

regenerates the skin
releases build-up from the pores
creates healthy beautiful skin
makes natural hair care a breeze
great for eczema skin relief


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