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pavu.com communiqué to mediaterra festival officials

Dear mediaterra committee

pavu.com's executives have engineered the perfect 3D mouldware for your peripatetic festival.

Based on its renowned EPIC technology, pavu.com's PIMP Tour - ithaque round II will feature numerous potter tours especially created by the innovative stables of the most Famous International Net Artists.

Such an exciting project couldn't start in another place than pottery's Motherland, i.e Mediaterra itself.

The Pavu.com International Magic Potter Tour will feature exclusive Pole Tours by FINAs allowing anybody to create his own pot and carve on its bottom : "made with jodi" or "made with netochka"...

What you need :

- a computer connected to the internet with a flash/quicktime enabled browser.
- enough quantity of the clay of your choice.

What we demand :

Collect and exhibit the created pots for your micromuseum in each town where the festival will stop. Take photographs or movies of the potters in action and of the pots. Send all this data to pavu.com to make it available on the internet or do this yourself. Shoot photographs of the exhibition near a PIMP Tour logo and a identifiable sign of the location it's shown in and send them to pavu.com so that people can follow the PIMP Tour on the Internet.

Organize in each town a contest of the best pot to promote the most innovative FINA stable in competition and publish results.

For examples and tutorial, please check pavu.com's EPIC

More information on request.

Wishing you the best always

the pavu.com Team
Paul Dupouy - Chief Président
Jean-Philippe Halgand - Executive Directeur
Clément Thomas - Officer Général

-/ blowing in the mousse! /-

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