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1_If you had to change your name, what would you change it to ?

pavu.com : moc.uvap

2_How would your life as netartists be affected if there was no electricity?

pavu.com ED: First, pavu.com has no acquaintances with Ben Franklin's windmill theory. And as R.W. Scott clearly stated (see 'In reference to the Department of Energy's $30 million windpower flop'): DOE should contract with Sears for the equipment instead of NASA -- the former has a much longer and successful history in the windmill business, much better prices, and a vastly better feel for what's practical.

pavu.com OG : This windmill theory leads us straightly to what seems to draw the angular coin outov which every step becomes an adventure. Let's call this outov : post-promethean signal.

pavu.com CP: We don't care because we know how to find source of energy.

3_That human intelligence that we had on the ground, did you hear back from him ?

pavu.com ED : Sticking your ear to the railway or to a cellphone grants you no longer a reliable access to the source. What explains this phenomenon? The ‘new economy’ and the rapid growth of information technology have both increased economic growth and flattened emissions growth.
Fortunately, backhearing prevents flattened emissions and removes all sources of contaminating foreground radiation. Once you understand this, the goal to achieve is made clear.

pavu.com OG : Methods and tools used to face the primary mammooth have always been efficient before and after the mammooth.
Today, technologies have reached such a sophisticated level that the object they were initially developed for gets second-hand. This behaviorist shift finds its full rendering in pavu.com's formula : "no need fire to blow the lighter".
Experiencing this second fire is post-promethean philosophy's object.

pavu.com CP: We have a relative link with the human cinematique. The underlines of artificial intelligence studies, as a spasmofilic plination of the brain, remains the extraordinary power of the crepe turning. A turned crepe is still a crepe! The symetric quality of the earthian brain allows, neither the writer, nor the scientist to define how much the billiard ball really turns.

4_In addition to being  award-winning  science fiction  writers, you are scientists of considerable distinction, professors of plasma physics and astrophysics at the University of Paris & Bordeaux. How well do these two vocations and ways of looking at the world mesh? Does the SF writers in you ever try to shoulder physicists aside in the midst of an experiment, or has scientists had to rein in the imagination of the writers?

pavu.com ED: Embrocation provides unified champ theorics a perfect spin. Add a pea factor and you'll open the 'GurMuru SurdMan' path.

pavu.com CP: There is a path for each foot, a shortcutdance style, as we are looking to a constructed world, we need salsa to enhance the taste of discovery, imagine the point of view of the first pie eater, the beta testeur, he always needs his biomes to find the pie and words to tell that is a good legume.
These two ways to look at the world dont mesh in one piece but lead us to the next point, the surleaving.

pavu.com OG : Right hand and left hand do not develop thumbs the same side. The contradiction lying behind this philozophrenic observation can solve itself into the binocular lens. On a higher level, it becomes necessary to loosen up complex joints so that the nib and lancet put up with the screwdriver. To make it simpler, the chemical equilibrium of the intellect goes through the mastering of the W-tube.

5_Who takes the photography when you're (the three PAVU) on the picture, may be the secret fourth pavu ? Or do you have superpower ?

pavu.com OG : Pavu.com backoVitch usually remains sidarked for stylistic matters, but, as the chessmater says : "when the King Rocks, roUTies join the party".

6_Do you have an netartist licence and have you ever been arrested ?

pavu.com CP: For shoure ! But we have no paper, but confortable cap, because we live on a thin border.

pavu.com ED: If you mean a licence to communicate with people of the whole world without one knowing oneself! ...and that it is really magic... and to offer a larger audience the best information there is concerning the topics located on the left. The answer is yes!
As to your second question, attorneys and counselors at law will confirm that sometimes history happens to repeat itself.

pavu.com OG : If robbery, public disorder or public ivery are mostly recommended to experience closets culture and intimate reprobation, the wide-open side of this perfect-exchange vue of point remains mainly unused for lacking 'reconnoissance' of cultural distinctive signs.
Therefore, in the very next months, pavu.com will provide net.artists internationally valid free byPasses.

7_Your new novel, 'r0un Db ack', features an alien intelligence housed within the magnetic field of a wandering black hole. Yet despite its godlike qualities, the 'r0un Db ack' proves to be as bound by the laws of physics as we are. Do you believe there are limits to what is possible in the universe and in science fiction?

pavu.com ED: Our visible universe would be one of these boundaries; the other boundary and the intervening space would be hidden because particles and light cannot travel across the intervening space. Only gravity is able to couple matter on one boundary to the other sides. In addition, there can exist other three-dimensional hyper-surfaces in the interval, which lie parallel to the outer boundaries and which can carry energy.
Neil Turok computed this and here's what he said: "The scenario is that our current universe is a four-dimensional membrane embedded in a five-dimensional 'bulk' space, something like a sheet of paper in ordinary three-dimensional space. The idea then is that another membrane collided with ours, releasing energy and heat and leading to the expansion of our universe."

pavu.com OG : It's like the perfect curve described by the ball going to and through the basket, but without help of the hand.

pavu.com CP: The void contains as much material as antimaterial, and we work hard on the field of exobiology dressing tools.

8_This is your brain on Popup Windows ?

pavu.com ED: These intervening planes are called "branes," short for membranes. The brane storm that ignites the hot Big Bang phase of the r0un Db ack model (also known as Ekpyrotic model) occurs when a three-dimensional brane is attracted to and collides into the boundary corresponding to our visible universe. We also call this reverse pancaking.

pavu.com OG : With the other hand, we prefere to rely on Pope Windows.

9_So you want to be President?

pavu.com OG : Well, only part One president. We use to keep the door open, thus part Two is reserved to safePiercing and jellyFishing.

10_Have you ever been sexually harassed?

pavu.com OG : Sociolism implicates Kali anatomiskills associated to Kung-futon softabilities to deal with a wide range of unexpected situations; in any case bodyVanguards are a noticeable bonus, and, believe us, pavu.com is expert in backbone Watcholutions.

11_Who would play you in the movie of your life?

pavu.com OG : Girls!

12_Someone writes a book about you. What genre is it, and what story does it tell?

pavu.com ED: It's a tale of Folk Lore with tricksters, jesters and fools but it still awaits the Moolf to be told.

13_You wake up one morning and find you're able to control time. What do you do with your new found ability?

pavu.com CP : we continue

pavu.com OG: We already have this ability, which makes us assert the next route is indeed plining.

pavu.com ED: In this universe -- our universe -- time never ends. As you know, keeping time accurate is important for most anything that relies on computer communications, including the Internet and aircraft and missile navigation. Without a unified timekeeper, the modern world would stop in its tracks, or at best it would operate in a very sloppy and dangerous fashion.
Thus, the first linking of a gene to language could speed our understanding of this most unique and most controversial of human abilities.
Yet finding one gene is like finding one part of a car: it looks useful, as though it's part of a larger mechanism but we don't know what it does, what other parts it interacts with, or what the whole vehicle looks like.
This results in pavu.com OG saying: "I know then things happen!"

14_Are those pictures on your website really you, and do you have anywhere I can see some photo of you?

pavu.com OG : Pavu.com's policy in matter of public image is absolutely stable. So whatever the number, you'll never dial the wrong horse.

15_Are you  the creator of Pokemon?

pavu.com OG : We are the creators of the Pokemon Poker yes.

Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions - and thanks for maintaining that great PAVU resource you have!

pavu.com: Jimpunk, your pleasure is our pleasure.