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INVENT : Join the After Contemporary Most Venture - the next route plining

1999 - invents the plining technology.

the plining technology covers the entire process of data-treatment: from data-drilling and swifting to the final PROduct.
Plining implies upgrade and movement of Informative Objects.

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hang on!
TRAIN : Style the En-gArde at the PITY
PITY : the Institute for Talents Young

2001 - opens the Pavu Institute for Talents Young to core and transmit the knowledge to the international youth.

Call our beanreputed tutors and networked mobile structure to schedule your taylored En-gArde training sessions and step into the After Contemporary.
Lectures, workshops and lessons to prepare the PITY diploma : the Mercy P-degree

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WALK : Patch Data-Heads serverwide
GNou Found Lands and international solidarity

2000 - grounds the GNou Found Lands and settles the first free digital territory.

Shield up your Kingdomain ! Patch Data-Head squares ! Become ET Collector and open the gates of the NELia market.
The After Contemporary is your's !

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Herald Tribute Armory Rom

Store on the NELia and become ET Collector

Which value for the server space ? Which market ? What to do with your DgH ?E.T. collecting ?
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NELia Stores : Download Famous International Net Artists PROducts and NEGaDucts
FINAs on board and showing
shower PROducts (2000) from
Black Soap NEGaDucts (2000) from
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NELia Stores : The Team Territorial Mixes and Movies
the LA Team touch
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