set to french GNou Found Lands - | - - | - store on the NELia market and give the GNou a GNou Found Land !!
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NELia Market

Desk Office

of the NELia

market : NELia


Welcome to the NELia Stores
Store free ! Data-Head Storing is free storing

shower shop Shower Store
Shower : a new degree of what !
30 artists of international renown, more than 130 PROducts available right now on the NELia.
Value :
Hosting only one (1) PATCH* on your space server allows you to purchase all the PROducts of the NELia.
*Several different Patches are available -
paTch tHem aLL !

black-soap Black Soap
Welcome on Board : Nega Mix board soaping
Invest in NEGAducts : NEGA Data-Heads (-DgH) value products.
Shop to fortify your Data-Heads and get your space server back !
Value : on the NELia, purchasing NEGAducts allows you to move your DgH from their PATCH to fortify them (on your HD or on any support)

plug-out Hewlett-Horner
"Give the GNou a GNou song of hope !"
Tomorrow tunes "Christmas special FINAs* covers".
*Famous International Net Artist

PROducts and NEGAducts : E.T. Collecting
patchfortifyMoving your Data-Heads between their PATCH and their fortified retrenchment enables you, at each move to invest in NELia's PROducts and NEGAducts : which means supporting network art while setting up your own collection*.

* The installation of your collection on your server space is not submitted to any contractual obligation. More information: