Data Head - 6,960 octets GNou Found Lands
set to french GNou Found Lands - | - - | - store on the NELia market and give the GNou a GNou Found Land !!
[New Eco Logic informative arts] NELia and the GNou Found Lands
GNou Found Lands


campaign : CopyGNou

territories : GNFL

standard unit : Data-Head

market : NELia

Desk Office

the Stores
of the NELia

of the NELia



Save the GNou ! The Copyright The Copyleft World Campaign !*
Copyright LE GNou !

It's a secret for no one, the Open de Source is drying up.

Today, GNou is in process of extinction. It is however not fault of having created that and there of the reserves to protect the species.
But each day sees coming up of new threats: attempts at expropriation, of political and commercial recovery, the list is long.
Therefore pavu has decided to offer to GNou a natural reserve worthy of this name by investing the funds necessary to an ambitious action.

Copyright LE GNou
Insure the GNou a peaceful and free growth.

Copyright LE GNou
Offer the GNou the protection of an international reserve and international solidarity.


Support The Copyright The Copyleft World Campaign !
Copyright LE GNou!


and display a copyGNou on your home page

- a day without GNou is a day without dreams -

*campaign launched by on december 17th 1999 as part of the MilleniumFlower event.