Data Head - 6,960 octets
GNou Found Lands
set to french GNou Found Lands - | - - | - store on the NELia market and give the GNou a GNou Found Land !!
[New Eco Logic informative arts] NELia and the GNou Found Lands
GNou Found Lands


campaign : CopyGNou

territories : GNFL

standard unit : Data-Head

market : NELia

Desk Office

the Stores
of the NELia

of the NELia



New Eco Logic informative arts (NELia)
a Market !

    Which value for the server space ? Which market ?
    The VISIBLE server space is Network's most reliable value. It also is the most coveted one. This is the reason why it is today necessary to constitute an International Server Space reserve to insure the GNou a free territory.
    When acquiring a plot in the International GNou Reserve, you contribute to enlarge this reserve, you position yourself on a promising market and benefit from the stability of an international standard unit : the

What to do with your DgH ?
By hosting Data Heads, you invest in a reliable value which enables you to store informative objects and products on the
NELia market, and, more, to bring added value to your own server space.

E.T. collecting ?
Patch or Fortify your Data Heads while supporting international online creation ? Electronic collecting is Territorial collecting !
Don't let your DgH sleep in the wallet, build your Online Creation Collection by storing PROducts and NEGAducts of the NELia.

shower shop

in the NELia Stores !