Data Head - 6,960 octets
GNou Found Lands
set to french GNou Found Lands - | - - | - store on the NELia market and give the GNou a GNou Found Land !!
[New Eco Logic informative arts] NELia and the GNou Found Lands
GNou Found Lands


campaign : CopyGNou

territories : GNFL

standard unit : Data-Head

market : NELia

Desk Office

the Stores
of the NELia

of the NELia


Data Head - 6,960 octets

Data-Head (DgH)
NELia and GNou Found Lands's
Standard Unit

    Insure the GNou a free and peaceful growth by investing in a reliable standard unit : the Data-Head (DgH)

Which value ?

1 DgH
>= 6.96 Kb
(server space)

A Data-Head (DgH) has a modular value of 6.96 Kb or more according to its Byte Ground Occupancy Power. The DgH are available for download as non replicable numbered titles of 10 DgH : the patches. Several different Patches are available. paTch tHem aLL !

view the original 10 DgH title

By hosting Data-heads titles on your server (your website or your home page), you acquire a plot in the International GNou Reserve and thus contribute to enlarge the GNou Found Lands.